Why buy a bird from us?

We specialize in raising tame, well socialized, and confident companion parrots. All of our birds receive spacious and clean housing, nutrient-rich food, and constant love and attention from our highly trained staff. We ensure that each bird has adequate socialization for them to become successful feathered companions.

Handfed/Well socialized

All of our babies are pulled from mom and dad at two weeks old and start to be handfed from there. Our babies come in daily contact with people of all ages, other species of parrots, and our family pets. During this time, they learn basic flock manners and acceptable social behaviors.


With Kate Birds and Supplies, you’ll find a large variety of fine pet bird products. We offer dozens of bird products, such as cages, play-gyms, foods and treats, and an extensive selection of toys. We carry Harrisons Pellets, ZuPreem, Abba Seed, Goldenfeast, Island Treat, Lafebers, Volkman, Roudybush,

Kate Parrots Farm

Parrots for sale. We have a wide variety of birds for sale at our store. We have the healthiest, well-socialized. Hand-fed baby birds are raised in a loving environment by our knowledgeable, well-trained staff. Let us help you select the best cage and accessories for your bird.boxer puppy for sale near me

We breed, hand feed, and hand tame a variety of exotic birds, including African Greys for SaleAmazons for SaleCockatiels for SaleCockatoos for SaleConures for SaleEclectus Parrots for SaleMacaws for SaleParakeets for SaleQuaker Parrot for SaleCaiques for SaleParrots Fertile Eggs

We’re best known for our healthy, sweet, and socialized birds. We are focused on providing excellent pets with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our birds are raised in our home like family. They’re all extraordinarily friendly, sociable, and affectionate pets. Each baby is also DISEASE TESTED.

World’s Best Online Bird Supply Farm

Welcome to Kate parrots farm, America’s #1 discount exotic bird supplies headquarters.
 We are bird experts. With over 35 years of experience in caring for parrots and exotic birds and helping to make happy bird homes, you will find what your feathered friend needs to be healthy and happy here at Mybirdstore.com.  We have made it easier to shop and save money on bird supplies with your phone or mobile device and with our great customer service, you can order on your computer.

Every bird is hand raised at our facility. Our nursery has large glass windows, where you can view the babies being fed throughout the day. As our babies wean, they graduate to the Bird Show Room, where our customers meet and interact with our birds and soon select a special bird to adopt.

I have assembled a very knowledgeable and customer service-oriented staff. Each of them is a bird owner as well. It is very important to us that each customer has an idea of what they are looking for in a bird so that we can match the right bird to their new owner.

Please click on our Birds for sale page and see just a few of the babies that we have in store. Remember that they grow very quickly, so they won’t look like little babies for very long. The farm is 4000 square feet and contains between 60 and 200 birds at any one time.
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Making the decision of buying a parrot can be confusing unless you are aware of the right source. Kate parrots farm welcomes all parrot lovers. Your search for a perfect pet bird ends here. You can buy the best birds and also can acquire knowledge about the birds’ behavior from us. Browse through the profiles of different species of birds.

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Best Selling Parrots


African Grey Parrot



Parrots are fantastic, intelligent, quirky, and outrageously colorful birds that have been our companions for ages. Amongst the astounding variety of parrots found worldwide, only a handful are suitable for being kept as pets.

Parrots are mostly found in tropical and warm areas all over the world. The largest and the most diverse kinds of parrots are found in North America and all the surrounding areas around Australia, that being the majority of South Asia.

Different Types of Parrots

Types of Parrots
There are as many as approximately 350 Parrot species and subspecies. The ten most popular Parrot species are:

Macaws: The extremely beautiful Macaws are brilliantly colored members of the Psittacine family. Originating in the lush green canopied rainforests of Central and South America, the Macaws’ vibrant colored plumage is a stunning sight against the green and the colorful fruits and flowers.

African Grey Parrots: Every African Grey Parrot is different from the other as I am from you. This species which includes the Timneh grey, is renowned for its talking ability. Like most parrots, they can become unhappy if they are caged too tightly in isolation for a long time.

Amazon Parrots: The Amazon Parrots were first brought to our land by Christopher Columbus. The Amazon Parrots are very energetic, playful, and social creatures that crave lot of interaction with their human owners.

Cockatiels: Mostly found in Australia, the Cockatiels are small birds with varied color patterns. Easy to tame and capable of speech, these birds make great pet companions.

Caiques: Caiques are known for the strong bonds that they can form with humans. They love attention. They can be quite affectionate and enjoy time playing with a human companion or just sitting with them. Caiques parrots originate from the Amazon basin area of South America.

Conures: The Conures are medium-sized birds mainly found in Central and South America. Although affectionate little pets, these cone-tailed Psittacines can be extremely noisy at times. They come in different shades of gray, white, red, and orange blended with green.

Cockatoos: Mostly found in Australia and the surrounding islands, the Cockatoos are extremely popular as pets. The Cockatoo’s intelligent, inquisitive and playful nature and their ability to talk and mimic human speech make them enchanting and charming companions.

Eclectus: Eclectus Parrots are such intelligent creatures that sometimes they train themselves after only one incident of you showing displeasure at being pooped upon. Among all birds in the entire parrot family, Eclectus Parrots rival only the African Grey and the Amazon to clarify speech and scope of vocabulary.

Quaker Parrots: Quaker Parrots require a tremendous amount of attention and stimulus to avoid boredom and aggression. The more you respond to the noises made by your Quaker Parrots, the more you invite them to acquire human speech.

Parakeets: Inhabitants of central Australia, the Parakeets are friendly birds with outgoing personalities. Colorful in pastel shades, graceful, and full of energy, these birds are favored as pets worldwide.